teller halve enger group exhibition curated by HULMUR

opening: 18.04 kl 18:00

teller halve enger CURATED BY HULMUR



HULMUR is an exhibition platform that brings together young artists across different artistic expressions, places of residence and institutional affiliation. The platform is not anchored to a location but exists both digitally and as a travelling exhibition. 

The exhibition “teller halve enger” includes works by Anna Melbye, Kristin Stubberud, Benedikte Eide, Arild Horvei Instanes, Noah Seeland, Finn Adrian Jorkjen, Søstra100, Sari Sangolt, Peder Snekvik, Vidar Ericsson and Frida Maureen Hultberg.

Foto: Johanne Karlsrud