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MAY 11, 2020

We return to an active and new cultural life with the project KIOSKEN Studio.

KIOSKEN Studio is a project where we invite artists/designers/writers for a month-long residency to intervene in the windows and facade of our project space and create  work that can enter in a dialogue with the passer-by.  As our space is a storefront we believe that it can enable an interaction with the neighbourhood.  During each residency, it will be possible to see from the outside how our guests work, transform and relate to the space they are inhabiting.

First in line for KIOSKEN Studio is designer Stine Aas. 

So we invite you to get closer, walk by, take a peek through the window, knock on the door or just follow the progress on our social media. Our shop is still open every Saturday from 12-17 or by appointment.


Kiosken is a collaboration between
Art+Folk, Pamflett and Siv Støldal
Kiosken is supported by
Bergen Kommune

Sunday May 3 2020